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3 Important Choices to Make for Your Pool Gazebo

Adding a gazebo to your pool area can result in a beautiful space, as long as you make 3 right choices.

A gazebo can be a lovely addition to your swimming pool area, whether you use it to house your spa or create an attractive outdoor dining space. There are many choices in gazebo styles and sizes, so you can find a design that will fit and coordinate beautifully with your outdoor living space. We have tips to help you find the perfect gazebo for your pool, whether you choose to build one yourself or purchase a ready-made model.

Location, Location

The first step in choosing a gazebo is determining where you want to place your structure. Decks can be a good spot, especially if you want a covered area for dining al fresco. If your gazebo will primarily be used for eating outside, choose a space close to the house to make it easy to carry food and dishes from the kitchen to the gazebo. You might also consider storage inside your gazebo for storing outdoor dishes and serving trays. A counter will provide space for you to serve food and drinks to your guests.

Another good spot for your pool gazebo might be at the edge of your pool to provide a shady spot for guests to relax and enjoy the view. Placing the gazebo toward the back of the pool will draw guests into your outdoor space and create a nice backdrop for the water. Add a few chairs and small tables to make it comfortable for guests to recline and enjoy a little refreshment. You might also want to add a rack to hang towels for your swimmers.


Gazebos come in a broad range of styles, and some are more enclosed than others. If you will be placing a gazebo around your hot tub, you may want to add at least a couple of walls to give your space more privacy. This also provides a spot for hooks to hang towels and cover-ups. A larger gazebo may also include a bar on one side for guests to enjoy refreshment before or after using the hot tub. If the spot for your gazebo is already pretty shady, you might want to opt for a lattice roof rather than a solid one. This will allow sunlight to filter into your space so the gazebo is not too dark underneath.

Decorating your Gazebo

While a gazebo is a lovely addition to your pool area on its own, adding some embellishment will make it even more inviting. If your gazebo will be used for dinners outdoors, consider adding strings of white Christmas lights to the inside of the roof for a festive, starry effect. Hanging plants or planters gracing the entrance bring color to the space. Furnishings should fill the space without making it crowded. Opt for armchairs rather than chaise lounges for a more inviting space for visiting.

A gazebo makes a delightful focal point to your outdoor space that invites guests to come and rest a spell. The structure also provides a shady spot during the heat of the day for relaxing poolside. Choosing the right gazebo will add beauty and function to your outdoor living space.