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Pool Decks

Information on designing, building and maintaining a pool deck.

pool deck

A pool deck is the foundation of an outdoor living area. It is designed to be functional, while contributing a great deal to the design and decor of your swimming pool space. 

You may call it a deck, patio or surround, ultimately, though, it is what you will use to get in and get out of your pool while using it to lounge, eat and relax. 

A pool deck can be built out of concrete, wood, natural stone composite or brick pavers. For now, at least. New materials are being developed by industry experts to keep your pool deck safe and cool in the hot sun, while reducing the maintenance and refinishing requirements.

The information on this site will help you decide and choose the perfect pool deck for your pool surround, so you can get out and enjoy your beautiful pool deck. 

Pool Deck Design and Planning

Deck size considerations
Pool deck costs
Pool deck layout and orientation
Privacy considrations
Deck railings and gates

Pool Deck Materials

Concrete decks and patios
Wood decks
Composite decks
Cool pool decks
The best pool deck

Safety & Maintenance

Pool deck safety considerations
Maintaining a concrete pool deck

Outdoor Living on Your Pool Deck

Outdoor kitchens
Best pool decks for outdoor living