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Bars & Tiki Huts

Are you planning a pool party in your backyard? Consider the addition of a tiki hut to give a tropic feel to your festivities. Tiki huts originated in the South Pacific, but today they are a mainstay of any tropical-themed party.  Enjoy our tutorial on tiki huts to help you craft the perfect addition for your next outdoor gathering.

If your backyard sports a swimming pool, you are likely to be one of the most popular neighbors on the block. This probably means an increase in entertaining opportunities and the need for some must-have accessories. A poolside tiki bar is an excellent addition to the outdoor living space, because it provides a place for mixing drinks and displaying appetizers. It can also add to the tropical design of your outdoor decorating.

With summer just around the corner and the economy improving, you might be thinking about adding a tiki bar to your pool or outdoor living area. And why wouldn’t you? Everyone loves a good tiki party – just be prepared to be the most popular household on the block! When it comes down to choosing the perfect tiki bar for your property, you’ll first want to consider size.